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Forty acres of wild landscape carved out of protected Gadag Forests into biophilic design of architecture to conserve the wilderness culture of animals and birds at Gadag Zoo.

It was established in the year 1972 and also known as Binkadakatti Zoo. Home to various types of species, Gadag Zoo also shelters rescued wild animals to be nurtured and rehabilitate. The Zoo is also a center for research studies on the habitats and other fields relating to wild animals. Overall, the Zoo summarizes a retreat to the wild animals in Nature.

Vision and Mission

In a tribute to the gifts of Mother Nature, the Biodiversity, the characters of lifeforms, the multitude of life is an undiminished wonder to our beings. We all bare the same genesis called life, and here with a stand we envision for a better living with our distinct creatures. In order to conserve the realm of life and pristine Biodiversity in India, we involve people in conservation through management of effective Zoo and educational programs.

A mission to house healthy wild animals in biophilic designs of the Zoo, with good health care facility, intricate inventories to achieve the distinction of being recognized as a unique and beautiful Zoo.

In an appreciation to the intricate web of life, we are in the best interests of our visitors to experience a great retreat, leaving them with a happy note.

Team Gadag Zoo

animal sanctuary & zoo

Sri. Mahantesh Petlur

Dr. Prakash Jattennavar

Sri. Ningappa Bellary

Smt. Lata G.B.

Sri. N.A.Bhosale

Sri. Praveen Bidari

Sri. Ashok Baligar

Sri. Channabasappa Chitti

Sri. Srishail Annigeri

Sri. Mruthyunjaya Hiremath

Sri. Kumar Nargund

Sri. Ibrahim Buvaji

Shri yamanappa Illiger

Smt. prema Halli

Smt.Kalavati Kammar

Smt. Laxmavva Marate

Smt. Bhavya Annigerimath

Sri. Suban Hosamani


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