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Wild is just not a place or an animal, it is rather a culture of life. This culture of life is a reminiscent glory to our human species as we evolved.

Let us care to protect & conserve these wild species.
Show your support & send out a message. Adopt an animal.

Why you could adopt?

These creatures thread the fabric of life, and we being a part of it, have made an amusement called eco-system. Have you wondered why even all these animals and birds live with us? What is its part among us? Moreover, why are they so unique?  Well, come be a part of their family; indulge in the secrets of life, discover new dimension, and fill in a new feeling. Know them. Know life. Know you more.

Adoption Programme

Contribute a care, and help us in conserving Wildlife. By adopting the animal you love, you would be contributing towards the welfare of the animal in the period of your adoption. You will also be a part of Gadag Zoo wildlife conservation. Show your support; spread your love and passion for these creatures and the wildlife. Your contribution will be a vital support to us in all the efforts of our conservational projects and more such programmes. Get a little close. Get with life.    

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